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Adult Sex Addiction - Assessment, Treatment, and Relapse Prevention ________________________________

Upon calling Life Line our staff will help you define the type of help you need and schedule an appointment with the appropriate counselor or therapist.


The initial assessment session takes about 90 minutes. During this session we will dicuss your background, lifestyle, and family history. By the end of this session you will be given a general idea of your counselor's assessment and therapy recommendations.


One of several approaches to your individualized counseling program may be recommended. They include individual, group, individual plus group sessions each week.  Additionally, family counseling may be suggested.

Counseling Approach

Life Line provides a safe invironment in which to address inappropriate sexual behavior or intimacy.  Many men seek help to understand their compulsive attraction to pornography and masturbation. Other men have found that an extramarital relationship is threating their marriage.  Still others seek to address homosexuality, voyeurism, or exhibitionism. 

In either individual or group counseling you will learn learn the characteristics of sexual addiction and why you struggle with repetitive sexual behavior.  You will obtain insights into other men’s journeys—what has helped them to address their unwanted sexual behavior.  You will learn there is hope and proven ways to change your behavior.

Developing sex addiction recovery skills and understanding one's acting-out triggers are key elements of therapy.  Twelve step programs are emphasized as complimentary to individual or group therapy and long-term recovery.

Spiritual Counseling

Life Line staff is prepared through training and experience to help people with spiritual concerns in recovery.  Our staff approach such areas of concern from a perspective consistent with the biblical and traditional point of view of the Christian faith.

Consider Life Line counseling if you answer yes to any of the following questions...

Have you wondered whether you need to do something about your sexual behavior? Do you need help to answer the question?


Have you tried to stop your unwanted sexual behavior and found your efforts have not been successful? 

Is your sexual behavior followed by feelings of guilt and shame? 
Do you keep your sexual activity a secret from your spouse, children, and friends? Are you reluctant to ask for help? Do you feel embarrassed to talk about your unwanted sexual behavior?

Counseling Resources
The books, 

Recovery From Sexual Addiction: A Man's Guide and accompanying Workbook

Why Is My Partner Sexually Addicted?  Insight Women Need, and 

In Search of Recovery - A Christian Man's Guide and accompanying Workbook  

have been authored by Paul Becker, LPC, a member of our staff.  

For more information on these books go to: sexaddictionhelpbooks.com 

Call 703-591-1890 for  information on sex addiction counseling.

Author Paul Becker offers gentle guidance on how to step out of isolation into a life of enlightenment. He helps readers understand that God never backed away from loving them. Recovery takes time, but is possible through the support of counseling.
To purchase the books click on http://sexaddictionhelpbooks.com
Who should call...
Life Line's counseling services are utilized by individuals, families, employers, EAPs and attorneys.