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Adult Services - Anger, Anxiety, Depressed Mood, Marital Distress and Spirtitual Support ________________________________

Upon calling LifeLine our staff will help you define the type of help you need and schedule an appointment with the appropriate counselor or therapist.


The initial assessment session takes about 60 minutes. By the end of this session you will have been given a general idea of your counselor's assessment and possibly some recommendations. A second session will be scheduled to discuss your background, lifestyle, and family history in more depth.


One of several approaches to a counseling program will be recommended for you. These may be weekly individual or group sessions, depending on how you can best be helped.  Family counseling may be recommended.

Spiritual Counseling

Life Line staff is prepared through training and experience to help people with spiritual concerns in recovery. Our staff approach such areas of concern from a perspective consistent with the biblical and traditional point of view of the Christian faith.

 Consider Life Line to help you address....
Anger or anxiety
Discover the root cause of your anger/anxiety.
Role of anger in relationships.
Consequences of anger and anxiety to self and family.
How changed thinking and behavior alters the response.
When anger turns violent.


Depressed Mood.
Discover the root cause or your depressed mood.
Role of mood in relationships.
How changed thinking and behavior alters the response.
Marital Counseling
Are you and your spouse living seperate lives under the same roof?  How did that happen and how can it change?
Discover the cost-benefit of marriage and divorce.
Is there hope for your relationship?
Discover the potential in your marriage.
Other Mental Health Issues
Do you feel alone in your struggle?
Is it time to gain new insights to your problems?
Do you want to change the outcomes of your life?

Who should call...
Life Line's counseling services are utilized by individuals, families, employers, EAPs and attorneys. Our services are competently and lovingly provided.  Call 703-691-3029 for more information

Change the Dance
Too often we repeat the same behavior and expect a different outcome. Is it time to explore an alternative?