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Substance Abuse and DWI Programs - Assessment, Treatment, and Relapse Prevention __________________________________


Upon calling LifeLine our staff will help you define the type of help you need and schedule an appointment with the appropriate counselor or therapist.


The initial assessment session takes about 60 minutes. By the end of this session you will have been given a general idea of your counselor's assessment and possibly some program recommendations. A second session will be scheduled to discuss your background, lifestyle, and family history in more depth.


One of several approaches to your individualized counseling program may be recommended for you. These may range from weekly individual and group sessions to attending several group sessions each week initially in addition to individual and family counseling.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Life Line provides an intensive outpatient program for adults whose problems are more serious. It is designed to provide many of the program components routinely built into day or residential programs but running from 2 1/2 - 3 hours 3-4 evenings per week. Included are alcohol and drug education/discussion groups, relapse prevention groups, individual and and family counseling sessions. Developing skills of sober living and working though the recovery issues associated with the twelve steps of AA/NA is emphasized.

Abuse vs. Dependence

Such individuals may be considering whether or not they have a serious problem and need to stop using altogether. Life Line has separate counseling groups for such individuals. Of course, some who are thus referred know they must receive help to stop using drugs and alcohol and are referred into the Intensive Outpatient Treatment program.
DWI Programs
Life Line's approach is, while some alcohol and drug abuse education is necessary, it is also necessary to explore the types of situations which set the client up for a DWI, help him or her to recognize these situations earlier, and develop counter measures to avoid future DWIs.

Life Line is an accepted DWI service provider by every state and jurisdiction and is specifically Virginia licensed for this and is nationally certified.  Life Line has helped thousands of clients deal with current legal problems and avoid subsequent DWIs and other substance abuse related legal problems over the past 20 years.

Continuing Care

Many people who return from detoxification, inpatient, or residential treatment programs utilize Life Line as their aftercare program. Life Line offers group, individual, family, and specialized relapse prevention counseling for these clients.

Spiritual Counseling

Several Life Line staff is prepared through training and experience to help people with spiritual concerns in recovery. Our staff approach such areas of concern from a perspective consistent with the biblical and traditional point of view of the Christian faith.

Consider a Life Line assessment if...
You have a family member you think needs help with a drug or alcohol problem.
You have doubts about your own drinking or drug use patterns.
Family members, co-workers, or aquaintences have commented on your drug/alcohol use.
You have had one or more negative consequences from incidents where drugs or alcohol were concerned. These may include family arguments, scrapes with authorities (even if you were not arrested), financial problems, stomach or liver problems.

Who should call...
Life Line's counseling services are utilized by individuals, families, employers, EAPs and attorneys. Our services are fully accepted by employers who are under DOT substance abuse policy, and local and out of state court services units who manage DWI referrals.

Urinalysis Tests
We have no-hassle, state of the art, take home urinalysis tests that can be used by clients and their families. Call for more information.