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Life Line Counseling Center 

Turning Concern Into Care

Life Line is an outpatient counseling center for those who have mental health and addictions related problems. Our special areas of expertise involve counseling for Addictions and Substance Abuse in adults and young adults, DWI counseling, Adult Sexual Addiction and Marriage and Family Issues.  Además, ofrecemos casesoramiento a individuo de habla española. Si es necesario,, por favor llame 703-772-2770.

Our counseling addresses physical, emotional, relational and spiritual issues in recovery. Recent research on brain chemistry, nutrition and lifestyle approaches to preventing relapse are brought to our clients to increase the likelihood of recovery success.

"Addiction should be understood as a chronic illness
which can be overcome with effective treatment."

Adult Services - Substance Abuse and DWI Programs
Adolescent Servces
Life Line's adult counseling services are utilized by individuals, families, employers, EAPs and attorneys. Our services are fully accepted by employers who are under DOT substance abuse policy, and local and out of state court services units who manage DWI referrals. More...   Many years of experience have taught us that success is routine for parents who intervene early, have had a positive relationship with their child within the past several years and who are steadfast in their resolve to have a drug/alcohol free child. More...
Adult Services - Sex Addiction
Adult Services - Anger, Anxiety, Depressed Mood, Marital Distress, Spiritual Support, and other Mental Health Concerns

Life Line's adult counseling services are utilized by men who have found they need help to address a form of acting-out sexually.  Our society is plagued with the convenience of viewing pornography on the Internet.  Men who otherwise would not sexually act-out, find themselves intrapped.  More...


From time to time each of us benefit from a trained pair of ears to help us deal with situational problems that inhibit us from experincing the life we wish to live.  Life Line therapists delight in fostering healing...healing for you and perhaps for members of your family.  More...

Licensed by the Virginia Dept. of Health, Mental
Retardation, and Substance Abuse Services